Pudding Dessert Recipes for Your Family

Are you the type of person who likes to cook and often spent time in the kitchen? If Yes, of course you want to try pudding recipe that we recommend to you. Besides being easy to make, this recipe is also delicious, you can try some of the following recipes which we took from the blog puddingdessertrecipes.blogspot.com as a reference.
There are several types of pudding that you can try at home, like the hot pudding, pies, tarts and crumbles, then there are souffles, mousses and cremes, or chocolate desserts are certainly very tasty and you need to try
One of the recipes pudding which we will discuss here are of a kind hot pudding, baked rice pudding called, ok let’s try it directly:
baked rice pudding

you will need:

550 ml (1 pt) milk
45 grams (1 ½ oz) pudding rice
30 grams (1 oz) butter
60 grams (2 oz) sugar
Grated nutmeg
A few drops of vanilla essence

How to make baked rice pudding

  1. Preheat the oven to 150°C / 300°F / gas mark. Boil the milk in a saucepan, wash the rice and sprinkle it into the milk.
  2. Add half of the butter and stir until the milk starts to boil again.
  3. Simmer for 3–4 minutes and transfer into a buttered pie dish. Sprinkle with sugar; dot with remaining pieces of the butter and dust with freshly grated nutmeg.
  4. Make sure the edges of the dish are clean and transfer into the top of the oven. Cook until a rich brown skin forms on the top and the rice is cooked through (about 1-1 ½ hrs).
 For Crumbles, Pies And Tarts type , you can try these tasty Dutch Apple Tart :
dutch apple tart
you will need:

For the pastry:
150 grams (5 ½ oz) plain flour
90 grams (3 oz) self-raising flour
30 grams (1 oz) sugar
60 grams (2 oz) butter
60 grams (2 oz) lard or white fat
30 ml (1 fl.oz) cold water

For the filling:
480 grams (lib) apples, peeled, cored and chopped
30 grams (1 oz) butter
Grated zest and juice of ½ lemon
170 grams (6 oz) caster sugar
60 grams (2 oz) sultanas

How to make:

To make the pastry:

Place the flours and sugar in a large bowl, add both fats and rub in gently to form coarse crumbs. Add the cold water and mix to a firm dough, cover and refrigerate to rest.

To make the filling:

Slowly cook the apples in a pan with the butter, lemon zest and juice under a tight-fitting lid. Add the sugar and sultanas halfway through. When cooked to a thick puree, allow the mixture to completely cool. Cover a heatproof pie dish with half of the short pastry.

Add the cold apples and cover with the remaining two thirds of the pastry. Crimp the edge to form a pretty effect, brush with cold water and sprinkle with caster sugar.

Make a steam hole in the center of the tart and bake in a preheated oven at 190°C / 360°F / gas mark until crisp and golden. Serve dutch apple tart with lightly whipped cream.

For other pudding and dessert recipes, you can directly visit the blog pudding dessert recipes


How to Buy Guitar

If you interested in music then learning how to play guitar is a must, but first you need to know how to buy guitar so you could play it afterwards. However, buying guitar is not that easy since there are many options that you should choose and decide. But before that, it would be better to if you have tried different kinds of guitar so you would know which one is more suitable for you.TotalGuitarBestBuy-1294632226

Choosing your guitar carefully

First you must choose whether to purchase guitar that has nylon string or steel string. Some of you might hear that in the beginning steel string would be hard to play since it could hurt your finger more. However if you really like it, then it would be alright to purchase steel string since your finger would developed calluses so it would protect your finger and you will not feel pain anymore.

Next you need to know whether you like electric guitar more or acoustic guitar. Very important to know what kind of sound that you like the most. Of course each guitar type has its plus and negative side. This will also affect the genre of music you want to play, for hard rock music, then you needs to choose electric guitar but for most acoustic guitar will do.

On how to buy guitar you need to choose the body type of your guitar which there is a hole on the center that works to resonates the sound that developed by the string. There are a few option that you could choose, first is Laminated veneer which is cheaper but do not create the best sound, solid top create the best sound because it resonates better but it is also very expensive. If you on a tight budget you might want to purchase guitar that has combination of Laminated veneer and solid top so it would sound better than the whole Laminated veneer top but still a lot cheaper than the whole solid top.how to buy guitar

You surely want your first guitar to be perfect in appearance so you would need to choose which color that you like and make sure that the guitar you want to buy is still in good condition. Pay attention to any discolor on different part of the body, and search whether there is any scratches around them. One thing that is important is to search one that does not have any dent because it could affect the overall sound produced by the guitar.

Before you go and choose your guitar, it is better to know how much you willing to pay for the guitar. On how to buy guitar, it would be better to decide your budget so you would not end up buying 2000 dollars guitar that you do not need. If you just want to have fun then cheap guitar for less than 100 dollars will do just fine. If you really want to learn to play guitar properly then 300 dollars guitar will give you better sound quality and still cheap enough to buy.

Beauty Tips for Older Women

When it comes to beauty, every woman must pay a lot of attention to it, including older women. However, older women need different kinds of treatment for their beauty since their condition has already changed from their youth condition. This is why you will need beauty tips for older women to know what work best with your current condition.

Makeup tips for older women

Your old makeup style could not be used anymore since your skin has show some aging sign. That is why you need to tone down those wrinkle lines and accentuate your eyes even more. That way you will get the best makeup that suits your age.Makeup tips for older women

  1. Use primer or moisturizer: do not expect that your moisturizer could eliminate your wrinkle, however when you moist your skin before applying your makeup, the makeup could attached better to your skin and makes your wrinkle tone down a bit. It will make your makeup appears smoother in your skin.
  2. Choose better foundation: some of you might still use the same foundation that you already used since decades ago. What you need to know is that your skin will change its condition every change of season. That is why you will need to change your foundation to match your skin condition as the current season. For example when the summer season comes your skin would produce more oil so it would be better if you use tinted moisturizer, but when winter comes your skin would becomes dry so you will need rather creamy foundation. But do not forget to search foundation that formulated specially for older women.
  3. Choosing lipstick: choosing the best lipstick color that work best for you is a must on beauty tips for older women since it will affect your overall makeup. It would be better not to choose dark color and chose pink or rosy color. Try to go to any department store and get a test on which color that would be suitable for your lips and skin tone.
  4. Applying lipstick: you might notice that your lips become thinner as you aged, that is why you need to create plumper lips which you could easily done with simple steps. First you need to line your lips using lip liner, then used lipstick that one shade or two shades darker than the natural color of your lips. Last makes it perfect with blend of lip gloss on top of it, then you will get the plump lips you want.
  5. Choosing eyeliner: to old women eyes, the liquid eyeliner would be too harsh, that is why it would be better if you use eye pencil to line your eyes. You could also try to use dark eye shadow as your eye liner, just use angled make up brush to apply it gently to your eyes.
  6. Applying eye shadow: eye shadow could make your eyes appears more interesting, that way you would be able to attract people attention from other part of your  face that has more wrinkle. If you have dark eye color choose eye shadow which have rich shade with deep tone.

Skin care beauty tips for older women

As older women the condition of your skin has changed a lot, which is why you need to give some treatment for your skin. That way you will be able to look good even in your old age.beauty tips for older women

  1. Apply sunscreen for protection: sunscreen would be able to protect your skin from any harsh effect from the sun which will make your skin wrinkle and cause brown spot, moreover if you let your skin on the sun without protection, there would be some possibility to get skin cancer since older women would prone to it more. This is why it is important for you to apply sunscreen every day. And choose one that has at least 40 SPF since lower than that would already be not effective anymore.
  2. Choose the best cleanser: for women any age, very important to clean your skin thoroughly using cleanser, but do not forget to choose any cleanser that suitable with your skin type. However when you get overly sensitive skin and could not try too much product on your face skin, then it would be better to test the product on your arm skin to see whether you are sensitive to the product or not. After you find one that does not give negative reaction, then you could try to apply it to your face skin.
  3. Moist your face: although you consider it as a part of your makeup, but it actually a part of your beauty tips for older women treatment that you should use every day. When you gets older your skin would not produced as much oil as before and your skin would lose its elasticity, when that happen then a lot of wrinkle would comes out to your skin. That is why to prevent that getting worse you need to apply the right moisturizer every day. Use one in the morning even when you do not want to apply any makeup afterwards and use one in the night to moist your skin while you sleep.
  4. The important of Exfoliation: as you getting older, then you will get more dead skin that stays at the outer layer of your face skin. That is why you need to do Exfoliation to get rid all of those dry skin so new skin will be able to develop and replacing the dead skin. When you would not do Exfoliation and then dead skin would be thickened and the wrinkle in your face would be more visible. It would be better to do Exfoliation once a week for better result.
  5. Sleeping position effect your wrinkle: this might be too hard to believe but your sleeping position could actually make your wrinkle worsen. The reason is your face skin would get friction; this is why for beauty tips for older women it would be better to just lie at your back.

Important Things on Dogs Care Tips for Beginner

If you want to have a puppy you should know what you are doing so you could take care of your puppy well. Bring a dog to your house will change your life forever since it will bring new life to enter your live. This surely will bring a new joy which you could not get anywhere else, and to take of your new puppy you will need dogs care tips for beginner which will teach you how to deal with the newest and exiting thing in your live.Important Things on Dogs Care Tips for Beginner

Begin your journey with choosing the right dog

Before you choose your puppy you should already discuss this with your entire family member, even when you say you would be the one that will taking care of her, but someday you will need their help especially when you are not around. After your family meeting is over, then you could try to find the right dog to take it. of course connection with your dog also important, but your lifestyle would also gives a lot of influence in your decision on the dog type. This is why you need to do a lot of research to know what things you will deal ling with your door, such as grooming requirement, issue with your dog health, need for your dog exercises, purebred or not, temperament and even your dog size.Important Things on Dogs Care Tips for Beginner2

Prepare your home for the new dog

After you choose the kinds of dog you want to bring home, it is the time for you to prepare your home, as a safe and comfortable place where your dog could say inside. It is almost the same as making your house safe for babies, but with small differences since you need to see from the eye of your dog. Remove any toxin potential that spread around your house since your dog might love to chew and even swallow lots of things. For dogs care tips for beginner, place things that are easy to break in some place higher so it would stay out of reach. Secure any electrical cords that located in lower level. If you want to lock your cabinet, it would be better if you just place a real lock and even metal hardware so your dog could not open it. By securing your house, your dog would remain say and you would not be too stressed about it.

Give good call name for your new dog

After you take your dog home, it is time to give her a new name, but is should not be difficult name that hard to remember or even pronounce, it would be better when the name is short enough so your dog could understand it. The name should also sounds nice since you will use it for the rest of her life. To help you choose her name you could try to see her personality or outer appearance and match the name. remember to make your dog gets used to her name by constantly using the same name when you call her, afterwards she will understand it and will respond to you when you called her using her name.dog_food_treats

Prepare lots of your dog supply need

Do not forget that your dog needs a lot of things, so you will have to prepare all of them for her. First is the leash and collar that has to come with identification and your contact number. It is important since your dog have not remembered your house yet, so she might get lost easily. You could purchase it right after you buy the dog. Next dogs care tips for beginner is the food supply, make sure you choose the right nutrition for your dog; this is why you need to do research before purchasing your dog. Another thing that is very important is your dog bed which should be in the right size and should be comfortable enough for your dog to lie inside. Some of the items you buy will need to be replaced after your puppy gets bigger so you need to prepare some budget to fulfill her needs.

Detail for the food that right for your dog

Food is very important thing that could affect your dog overall health this is why it is important for us to talk about it further. Aside from doing research on your own, you might also want to discuss the option with your vet since they would know more professional opinion and knowledge that will help you deal with the choice of food. Talking to your fellow owner also help to get inside view of the effect on the food you choose. For dogs care tips for beginner, if you already choose food that not well enough for your dog, you can actually change your dog food gradually until she getting used to the new one.Important Things on Dogs Care Tips for Beginner1

Keeping your dog healthy

It would be better when you already know a vet that you could go to even before you get your dog since after a few days on bringing your dog back, you will want to took her to the vet. That way the vet could go general check up on her health so you would know if there are potential health issues that your dog might experience. Your vet would also able to teach you how to prevent any health issue from happening. You might also want to get dog health insurance to help you deal with the expense.

Training your new dog

On dogs care tips for beginner, there are a lot of things you need to teach your new dog, but one of the most important is the housebreaking training. It might be hard between first two months especially when your puppy is really young, but as she gets older she will understand and able to do it the right way. After the basic you could start to train your dog for other thing like sit or even a handshake. This surely need a lot of patient to do, do not forget to offer some rewards when she did a good job.

Learning How to Play Guitar for Beginner Easily

If you get into music recently, you might want to know how to play guitar. Guitar is basic music equipment that most people could learn. Even when you are not going to go professional, knowledge of playing your favorite music in a guitar would give you a lot of fun. The key to play it is to learn constantly, at first you might not be able to play the whole song, but once you get the hang of it, then you will see how easy for you to play different tones on your guitar.Learning How to Play Guitar for Beginner Easily1

Playing guitar easily for beginner

First you need to know the note generate by each sting. There are six string attached to it that will represent different notes. First is E which is the highest note that would be your number one string, then move on to A note, D note, G note, B note and e note which is the sixth string that would generates the lowest sound.

Before you play the guitar you need to make sure that your guitar has been tuned correctly, you might need help from others to do it or you could do it on your own with the help of a tuner.

Learning how to play guitar, it is important to know the parts of your guitar correctly so you could address it right. There would be the body which is the biggest part, the neck which is the long part and the head would be the tip of the neck. To hold the guitar correctly you can put the curve of your guitar body on your right tight to give better foundation. Then put your right arm on the upper part of the guitar body. To hold on the neck area where the fret board is located you could curve the finger of your left arm and grab the neck from the bottom of the neck so your finger could reach the fret, use your thumb as foundation to grab the back part of the neck.chords

Next is to learn about the chord chart, you will see a blog with many lines and small black dots on it. The vertical lines going down are to represent the six strings attached on your guitar while the horizontal lines are used to represent the fret board. The dots are where you should put your finger to press on the strings to the fret board to create the notes. The chords also have minor and major notes which played differently so you need to know and remember each of them correctly.

Train your finger to hold the string on the fret board, it might be hard at first and you might get pain at the beginning, however after sometimes your finger will develop calluses so you would not feel pain anymore. Find books which tell you about the fingering technique done to the fret board so it would be easier to learn how to play guitar.