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Heavy Petal Nursery is the only place that can help you bring your outdoor dreams to life. From a single window box, to water gardening or a great outdoor entertaining area, everything you need is at Heavy Petal Nursery.


Garden Planting

The first thing to understand is that seeds are not the very same, as well as they shouldn’t be treated in this way. An usual mistaken belief of brand-new garden enthusiasts is that the process for expanding seeds.


Lawn Care

Heavy Petal Nursery, offering the Fort Wayne location, has gained an outstanding reputation for remarkable landscape design as well as lawn solutions.

Who We Are

We here at Heavy Petal Nursery are very, very humble, so naturally we created this page to tell you all about ourselves. We have opened with grand opening, and we are getting all emotional.  It could be all the beers, or lack of sleep, or the fact that we have grown very close these last few years.  There are 3 of us at the heart of Heavy Petal Nursery- Andrew and Ralph Sanchez, and Kagwa Akune.  Ralph and Kagwa went to High School together, and have remained close friends.  Andrew (Ralph’s Cousin/ Peter) met and became friends with Kagwa, and one day after many hikes and chile relleno burritos the 3 of us decided ‘Lets do it, lets open up a nursery, dedicated to native, drought-tolerant plants and bring it to our local community.’  After lots of hard work, lots of good friends and a few mistakes, we are happy to say Heavy Petal Nursery is now a reality!  As we begin another step in our local journey, it is necessary to recognize and thank all the people who have helped make our dreams a reality.

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