Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is available in a wide range of colors, style, and uses. It can be plain and weatherproof, expensive wrought iron, custom made, or pre fabricated. Pre fabricated furniture is obviously the least expensive option.

There is now a surprising variety available in pre fab garden furniture. You can find plastic and metal-framed furniture for great prices. Some of them even come with waterproof or water-resistant cushions.

Whether you buy custom made or pre fabricated wrought iron garden furniture, this style is a perennial garden standard. Both traditional and contemporary styles are available in wrought iron (which simply means “worked” iron – meaning the metal was worked by the blacksmith who shaped it.

About Rex Wilson

Rex Wilson's career with plants and gardens began in 1988 when, soon after leaving school and completing a long distance charity walk from John O' Groats, he joined the Forestry Commission in Indiana. In 1994 he went study forestry and horticulture and after qualifying in 1997 he took up post as Forester for the Fort Wayne in Indiana.