When planting a tree they are several; things that one should put into consider ensuring that the tree is planted in the right way. You cannot just dig a hole and put the tree and expect it to grow without any further care. Where are a few basic things one should put into practice to ensure that the tree you plant with grow and strive for years.

The first thing to take into consideration is the time in which you plan to plant the tree. Believe it or not, planting a tree is a very simple task once you know what you’re doing. It is the preservation of the tree that’s challenging.

Normally it is never a good idea to plant a tree in summer or late spring. It is recommended that you consider planting a tree in autumn to early spring. The extra heat that comes in the summer may lead to the death of the tree. The next principle to make note of is the type of soil you are placing the tree into. When digging please ensure that there is no phone line or cables buried beneath the surface.

Always find a suitable area that has a good climatic surrounding. If you’re planting a tree that has no specific climate, you must take in to consideration the growth conditions that will help the tree to mature.

After learning all the requirements necessary when planting a tree, you are then able to begin the process. When digging, the hole should be two to three times the size of the main root. The roots must be properly buried into the soil. You should also place sufficient fertilizer around the root to help the tree grow until it start to take root of its own in the soil

After you have added adequate amount of fertilizer, you will need to put additional dirt so that the roots and the fertilizer is completely covered to prevent exposure to any outdoor dangers.

The next thing to do is to water the tree frequently to help it grow. You should have a general idea in your mind as to the size of the average type of tree. In order to ensure that the tree grows you should ensure that in the hot and dry months sufficient water is adding to prevent the plant from been burned by the sun. In the cool months it is best to water less to prevent the tree from drowning in water.

About Rex Wilson

Rex Wilson's career with plants and gardens began in 1988 when, soon after leaving school and completing a long distance charity walk from John O' Groats, he joined the Forestry Commission in Indiana. In 1994 he went study forestry and horticulture and after qualifying in 1997 he took up post as Forester for the Fort Wayne in Indiana.