Tips For Planting A Tree

Trees are important for the growth of the environment. Trees helps to provide oxygen, they are able to absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Research has shown that tree during their lifetime absorb over a ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Thus it reduces the carbon dioxide in the air which helps reduce global warming. Planting a tree can be a great fun and filling family activity. This is great way for parents and their children to bond because kids love to play with dirt and trees. After you finish reading this guide you will be ready to start you can start planting a tree. Here are some tips to follow.

Ensure that you plant the tree in cool weather. The best time of the day to plant a tree is in the evening. It is not advisable to plant in the blazing hot sun as this may kill the tree. The ideal season to plant a tree is in the early spring or fall. If you live in a tropical region, planting a tree can be done any time. Notwithstanding you are still required to care for the tree properly. When transporting a tree you should be careful to prevent damage to the tree.

When planting a tree it is a good idea to reduce the root, believe it or not you can cut the root by up to ninety to ninety five percentage of the original size. This helps to lessen transplant shock. Transplant shock occurs during the digging process. This is evident for tree with circular roots; they are most susceptible to transplant shock. There’s the need to cut the root. This results in the tree growing slowly.

Manure should be applied at the top of the newly planted tree to prevent burning of the roots. The deeper you dig the hole, it’s the better it is for the tree. Once the tree starts to take root you can cultivate around it but not under its roots. Before planting a tree ensure that the hole you dig is filled with good soil and garden humus. After filling you fill the hole based on the depth of the roots, you will have to flood that area with water to soften the soil beneath the tree.

You can also work around the soil with a shovel or a stick if you don’t have one. There should be no air pockets in the soil. For the tree to grow effectively you should plant the tree to the same depth as it was at its former location.

About Rex Wilson

Rex Wilson's career with plants and gardens began in 1988 when, soon after leaving school and completing a long distance charity walk from John O' Groats, he joined the Forestry Commission in Indiana. In 1994 he went study forestry and horticulture and after qualifying in 1997 he took up post as Forester for the Fort Wayne in Indiana.